Selected Projects
  1. Walking Art Maps


    UX Designer, Developer

    Team of curators, researchers, and designers


    Porto is a city filled with impressive monuments, statues, and murals. Away from the public eye, a museum's archive held the first sketches, drafts, and ideas behind these artworks. Recognizing the historical value, the museum wanted to showcase the creative process of the artists.


    We first created an online tool for the curators to archive information for 100+ artworks that only existed in old written records. We then developed a website that interfaces the digital and physical collections, offering an educational experience to both online and on-site visitors.

  2. Hybrid Libraries


    UX Researcher

    4 researchers


    Every year, students create study archives, groups, and libraries, but their work is constantly lost. Mainstream digital platforms lack the affordances students need. The opportunity to research a better solution to University of Porto resulted in this 4-year project.


    I led comprehensive UX research, conducting semi-structured interviews with 20+ participants, thematic analysis, competitive analysis, and workshops using multiple methodologies such as Crazy 8s, Futures Wheel, SWOT analysis, Dot voting, and guided discussions. The results provided specific guidelines for community members to improve established distribution systems.

  3. School of X


    UX Designer, Developer

    Team of tutors and designers


    The School of X is part of the xCoAx conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X. This was a space where students, researchers, and artists are invited to develop self-directed research. My role was to design and develop the interface for publishing research results.


    I streamlined the process for participants to convert research contributions into a markup language without requiring programming skills. Later, I developed a website for conference attendees to read these research insights and for remote users to print them directly from the web interface.

  1. UX Designer, Developer

    Birdhouse • 2023

  2. UX Designer, Developer

    More than housing • 2023

  3. Designer

    Neural Magazine • 2018

  4. Writer, Researcher

    Collectiveioning • 2020

  5. Speaker

    Thursday Night Live! at Het Nieuwe Instituut • 2018

  6. Workshop facilitator

    Blurry Boundaries • 2020

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